Aleron Subsea: New ROV System Presented

Aleron Subsea, a UK based company specializing in ROV upgrades and renting work class remote operated vehicles, has introduced a multi-purpose ROV system to be used for boulder clearance operations in wind farm developments in the Baltic Sea.

The AUXROV has a combined 200 HP of power and is capable of running subsea dredging systems, mass flow excavation tools, various cutting tools including shear tools/diamond wire tools, mattress deployment tools, survey spreads and even dock onto tracked skids.

The ROV can run a range of subsea sensors through its Gladiator control system and Fibre Optic LINK Mux which offers 12 x RS232, 12 x RS484, 4 x Ethernet (1 gig per channel) and 6 video channels, the company said in its announcement.

It comes with auto depth, auto altitude and auto heading.