Preparations Underway for Longboat Key Nourishment Project

Norfolk Dredging Company (NDC) of Chesapeake, VA began mobilizing its equipment to the south end of Longboat Key on August 8th to start construction of the New Pass Dredging and Beach Nourishment Project.

Supply barges, a crane barge and shorepipe will arrive at New Pass by tomorrow, according to the Town of Longboat Key’s latest announcement.

Equipment, shorepipe, and a temporary beach office will be delivered by crane over the south terminal groin and onto the beach in the vicinity of Sands Point Condominium and The Resort at Longboat Key Club to be hauled northward along the shoreline to the L’Ambiance beach area.

Other smaller equipment will be delivered to the beach through a temporary beach access easement and secured on the beach at L’Ambiance.

From Tuesday, August 16th through Friday, August 19, the mobilization schedule will include pipeline and equipment assembly, subline installation and discharge pipeline placement on the beach.

The Pullen, a 150-foot-long cutterhead-pipeline hydraulic dredge, is expected to arrive in the area on August 19th and begin dredging, weather permitting.

The sand dredged from the New Pass channel borrow area will be delivered via a submerged pipeline to the southern L’Ambiance Condominium boundary and begin building the beach northward to Regent Place.

Dredging operations will take place 24/7 to complete this work as quickly as possible.

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