Hilton Head Island Beachfill Schedule Update

Image source: Town of Hilton Head Island
Image source: Town of Hilton Head Island

The Town of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, has just released the latest update on their 2016 beach nourishment project, conducted by Weeks Marine.

As a result of weather related delays encountered by the passage of Hurricane Matthew, the town has revised the schedule for the completion of the remaining segments of the beachfill scheme.

Work on the southern half of the central oceanfront beach will continue to advance northward before stopping adjacent to southern Palmetto Dunes.

This section is now expected to be complete by mid-November.

Work on the northern half of the central oceanfront beach, from southern Palmetto Dunes to Singleton Beach is now expected to take place from Late November to Late December.

“Work here will commence at Singleton Beach and advance southward to the tie in,” the Town said in the announcement.

As part of the Hilton Head Island’s long-term strategy for beach restoration and maintenance, the town began this $20.7 million nourishment project in June 2016.


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