Panama Canal Retires Ellicott’s CSD Mindi After 73 Years

Image source: Ellicott
Image source: Ellicott

Ellicott Dredges supplied all the cutter suction dredgers used in the original construction of the Panama Canal in 1907.

In 1943, the Panama Canal Authority added the Mindi, also built by Ellicott, to their fleet.

This dredger was a key component in the physical and economic expansion of the Panama Canal.

Throughout the years, Mindi’s primary duties included maintenance dredging and widening of the Canal.

It even took part in rescue missions for grounded ships and mudslide recovery efforts.

Image source: Ellicott
Image source: Ellicott

One of its final projects was also one of its most important: it was used in the latest expansion and construction of the third set of locks of the Panama Canal.

Cesar Fernandez Chen, Captain of the Mindi, said: “Its versatility and strength are remarkable and were demonstrated through the years. Its design and construction are of the highest standards.”

Mindi was finally programmed for decommissioning on August 29th, 2016 and dredged until the last minute.

She was originally scheduled to be retired several years ago, but her service was extended to participate in the recent canal expansion project.