Protecting Saint Lucia Coastline

The Saint Lucia National Trust will be implementing a project entitled “Increasing the resilience to Climate Change and Natural Hazards, and reducing the rate of coastal erosion for Pigeon Island National Landmark and Pointe Sable Environmental Protection Area through Beach Stabilization, Restoration & Enhancement”.

The project, which will be launched on Thursday, November 17th at 3 p.m. at the Maria Islands Interpretation Center is financed by the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center (CCCCC) in partnership with the German Development Bank (KfW) under the Local Adaptation Measures (LAMs) Grant Scheme.

This scheme, implemented in collaboration with the Southern Tourism Development Corporation (STDC), will address the impacts of climate change on Saint Lucia’s coastal resources through the implementation of measures to stabilize its shoreline and mitigate against coastal erosion in two geographic locations, PINL and PSEPA.

The major outcomes anticipated include:

  • Increased protection, stability and resilience of PINL and PSEPA recreational beaches and historical assets from coastal erosion through utilization of appropriate coastal protection measures;
  • Improved climate resilience of natural resources and ecosystems of the PINL and PSEPA;
  • Enhanced institutional frameworks and improved capacity of local communities to address climate change and naturally occurring events affecting the coastal environment.

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