VIDEO: Maintaining the Gold Coast Waterways

The Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA) has just released a video about their dredging plans and activities, named ‘Maintaining Navigational Access in the Gold Coast Waterways’.

This video shows a brief introduction by the Gold Coast Waterways Authority to dredging activities undertaken to maintain access throughout the navigation network, which includes 31 channels with a combined length of 161-km.

The Gold Coast Waterways Authority is committed to maintaining navigable access for all waterway users on the Gold Coast.

“With the rapid increase in recreational boating activity on our waterways, the need for dredging is always present,” GCWA said.

In some locations on the Gold Coast, sediment is generally clean sand that can be used for landfill or nourishing shorelines. This can assist in offsetting the effects of erosion which is a significant problem on the Gold Coast.

Dredging is vital to the construction and maintenance of much of the infrastructure that underpins the Gold Coast way of life.

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