Top Dredging Videos of 2016

Dredging Today brings you an overview of the most popular videos from the past year.


VIDEO: Keeping Hamburg Port Dredged and Maintained

Hamburg Port Authority has released this amazing dredging video named “Keep the Port on Depth” – XXL dredging ship in use.


VIDEO: Testing Holland Dredge Design’s New CSD

Holland Dredge Design BV (HDD), a Harderwijk based company specialized in the engineering, designing, building, supplying and maintenance of dredging equipment, has published a video about its new cutter suction dredger 200 (HDD CSD200).


VIDEO: New York & New Jersey Harbor Deepening Project

On September 1, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey celebrated the completion of NY/NJ Main Navigation Channel Deepening Program.


VIDEO: Widening of Juliana Canal by DEME

The depth of the canal bed was brought back to its original 4.9 meters across its entire length, from Limmel to Maasbracht, in 2014.


VIDEO: Launching of TSHD Minerva in Kinderdijk

The launching ceremony of DEME’s 3,500m³ LNG-powered trailing suction hopper dredger Minerva took place on December 3 at Royal IHC’s shipyard in Kinderdijk.


VIDEO: Liebherr Dredger on Its Switzerland Job

The machine’s work included removal of material from the Luzzone reservoir in order to ensure the unhindered flow of water to the Olivone Power Station.


Boskalis VIDEO: Building with Nature – Java

Boskalis, as one of the partners in the Ecoshape consortium, has embarked on a five-year Building with Nature project to halt coastal erosion in northeast Java, Indonesia.


VIDEO: Sentwatec’s Dredge-King Launched in Madagascar

Senwatec, a German manufacturer of dredging equipment, successfully commissioned and launched their versatile multipurpose amphibian dredging machine, named the Dredge-King, in Madagascar in November 2016.


VIDEO: Maintaining the Gold Coast Waterways

This video shows a brief introduction by the Gold Coast Waterways Authority to dredging activities undertaken to maintain access throughout the navigation network, which includes 31 channels with a combined length of 161-km.


WASA Dredging VIDEO: Boann Hits the Water

WASA Dredging has announced that the construction of two 1010m³ self-propelled split barges named ‘Boann’ and ‘Sinann’ is moving ahead according to schedule.