More Flood Protection Planned for Port Clarence

The Environment Agency plans to carry out the flood defenses improvement works on the north bank of the River Tees, Middlesbrough Reach in Port Clarence, at Wilton Group land.

Work at Port Clarence has recently been undertaken to construct a flood embankment.

In one place on the west of the site, the flood embankment is on a river bank which has been subjected to increased scour. The area is located where the river changes direction and there is a history of erosion.

Designs have been prepared to stabilize the river bank in the most sustainable way possible, for example using ‘estuary edges’ guidance and planting.

The proposed improvement work includes repairs to the embankment by re-profiling the existing slope, applying rock mattresses on the lower sections of the embankment and planting on the top half.

They involve restoring erosion protection and creating habitat for a positive environmental impact.

The Environment Agency considers that the improvement works are not likely to have significant effects on the environment.

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