River Bulbourne Works About to Begin

The Environment Agency, the Box Moor Trust and the Chilterns Chalk Stream Project are working together to restore a 1km length of the River Bulbourne between the Grand Union Canal and Two Waters Road, Hemel Hempstead.

According to the Chilterns, the scheme will restore the Bulbourne at Box Moor to a more natural chalk stream, create new wetland habitat and enhance the river corridor for people and wildlife.

The scheme will involve creating a narrower, more sinuous channel using locally sourced material to create a new course within the existing channel and re-grading the banks in behind the new bank edges, reconnecting the river with its floodplain.

To protect the restored channel and allow marginal wetland habitat to flourish, new fencing will be installed to control grazing on the site.

The scheme is due to be carried out in two phases, with the first beginning in January 2017.

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