Better Flood Protection for Kaplan City

The crews are dredging the Kaplan City’s Sledge Canal, with the main goal to remove build-up debris which caused floods in some parts of the city last year.

The City of Kaplan is partnering with the Coule Dejean Drainage Board in an effort to get the water flowing again in the canal, according to KATC TV3.

“There’s a lot of people who were displaced because of the floods, probably about 30 to 40 families, maybe even more,” said John Carbaugh a Kaplan City Councilman.

“It was plugged up. There was a lot of debris, underbrush, overgrowth that was plugging up the canal and making it flow backward.”

The city plans to use heavy equipment to dredge out the debris, as well as some of the dirt in an effort to ease the minds of residents after August’s flood, KATC TV3 informs.

The completion of this cleanup scheme is expected in early summer.

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