Salix Takes Part in the Avenue Habitat and Erosion Control Project

Salix was recently awarded a contract by the VSD Avenue Consortium to create habitat and erosion control within the Sustainable urban Development System (SuDS).

The Avenue project site, formerly the Avenue Coking Works, located at Wingerworth near Chesterfield, involves transforming around 100 hectares of heavily polluted industrial land back into a place that can be used by both people and wildlife.

The old coking works at the Avenue is being remediated and repurposed into a mix of public green space, housing and business parks,” said Salix in a release.

According to the company, the site will need around 100 hectares of heavily contaminated soil to be depolluted. 70 hectares will made up of recreational and sustainable green space. The remaining 30 hectares will be developed and requires substantial surface drainage systems to be implemented.

Over the years, Salix has developed a number of successful SuDS projects, creating wildlife habitats as an integral part of the remediation and ecological management process.

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