Moscow Forum: USC Shipyards Ready to Build Dredgers

Sergei Italyantsev, the Head of ‘Sea/River Vessels’ Program Directorate of United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), yesterday at the Moscow Dredging Forum talked about importance of production of dredging fleet and equipment in the Russian shipyards.

When speaking at the event, Mr Italyantsev revealed new information about special steps undertaken towards bringing foreign manufactures of high-tech dredging equipment in Russia.

In particular, he mentioned making of division sheets and the steps to transfer the technologies to the Russian shipyards.

According to the USC representative, almost all USC shipyards are ready to build dredging vessels.

“First of all, it is Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard which has built a series of TSHD 1000 vessels. It is also the Khabarovsk shipyard which has an experience in construction of dredgers,” said Mr Italyantsev.

Lotus shipyard was also mentioned among other yards ready to secure orders for construction of dredging vessels.