Bathtub Reef Beach Nourishment About to Begin

Bathtub Reef Beach will undergo renourishment during the spring of 2017, reports Martin County, Florida.

The 86,000 cubic yards of sand, needed for the project, will be borrowed from the Sailfish Point Navigational Channel.

According to the county, the first step in the six-week project is the fusing and laying of pipes.

Beginning today, March 13, a small portion of the southeast Stuart Causeway parking area will be closed intermittently through March 25 while pipes are placed in the water.

The area for renourishment runs from the north end of Bathtub Reef Beach and south into Sailfish Point. Martin County has contracted with Ferreira Construction for the project, and the beach portion of project is scheduled for completion by May 1.

The renourishment of Bathtub Reef Beach is a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Hurricane Recovery Project.

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