Kill Devil Hills Beach Nourishment Set for August

The East Helga Street beach access will be the construction staging area for the upcoming Kill Devil Hills beach nourishment project.

According to the town’s announcement, Great Lakes Dredge and Dock, the company that will be constructing the beach nourishment projects for Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk and KDH, will be using the area immediately south of the East Helga Street Beach Access as a construction staging area.

The Town of Kill Devil Hills staging area is located on the upland portion of the beach lot located at Helga Street. The contractor will cordon off and/or fence the access and staging areas to prohibit public access,” reported KDH.

The town officials anticipate that the contractor would attempt to minimize needless closure of the public access if the contractor is not actively using the access. All access and staging areas shall be restored to the pre-construction condition upon project completion at the cost of the contractor.

GLDD dredger Ellis Island is scheduled to mobilize for Kill Devil Hills beach nourishment project in early August 2017.

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