LPC to Lodge Resource Consent Application for Land Reclamation

The Lyttelton Port of Christchurch (LPC) will lodge a Resource Consent Application (RCA) tomorrow for a further expansion of the reclamation at Te Awaparahi Bay, the company said in its latest announcement. 

“The reclamation is needed to provide space for the port to meet the South Island’s growing freight requirements. It will ensure we can move our operations east, away from Lyttelton’s residential area and help free up the inner harbor for community access,” according to LPC.

This development project involves four stages of reclamation over 34 hectares of challenging deep and soft compressible marine sediments – prone to high seismic activity and settlements.

The scheme will address numerous challenges, including strict resource consent requirements, stringent environmental and cultural restrictions and its proximity to the Lyttelton fault line and potential long settlement periods.

LPC is also progressing with their application to deepen, widen and lengthen Lyttelton Harbor’s shipping navigation channel so the larger vessels being used by the shipping industry can get access to the port.

The additional channel depth will support LPC as the South Island’s major international trade gateway and develop a competitive port for the future that is able to service the region’s long-term trade growth.

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