GRAHAM Reports Progress in Folkestone

The Folkestone seafront site has seen a buzz of activity recently with the GRAHAM Construction Civil Engineering team continuing to make excellent progress with the dredging and level raising well underway.

The company reported recently that the project team has adopted an innovative approach in relation to beach nourishment.

The necessary materials are being extracted from other areas of the site and then replaced with sand from the harbor, rather than shipping in external materials by road or by sea. The sand that is used to replace the materials is being removed from the harbor through dredging,” said GRAHAM.

GRAHAM also added that the 30,000m³ of dredging is being undertaken using land based plant, during periods of low tides, in order to protect the nearby Marine Conservation Zone from sediment.

The project team also significantly reduced the risk of dust and noise pollution nuisance on the site by employing a specialist plant item – the Badger Breaker – to help with the breakout and processing of over 16,000m² of reinforced concrete paving.

The high production of the Badger Breaker yields not only program, but also commercial benefits. In a 6 hour period 5,000m² of 250mm thick concrete slab with 8mm mesh reinforcement was broken for removal – representing over 200m³ per hour.

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