Rossall Sea Defense Works Continue Apace

Wyre Council has just released the latest update on Rossall sea defense scheme in Lancashire, saying that the works continue apace, with some large gaps in the new defenses starting to be filled. 

“We currently have a 60 meter gap in the new defenses adjacent to Chatsworth access ramp. This is the location of two United Utilities outfall pipes, one from Fleetwood Treatment works and one from Chatsworth Avenue pumping station,” the council said.

Given the critical nature of these assets, the new defenses are not allowed to add any additional loading on to the pipes. To achieve this, a bridge has to be built over the pipes to support the new defenses.

Work to date includes:

  • 245,000 tonnes of rock armor imported (deliveries currently on hold) of which 225,000 tonnes placed;
  • 94,000 tonnes underlayer rock placed;
  • 228,000 tonnes of structural fill placed;
  • 9,000 precast items cast (casting 110 units/week);
  • 14 sets beach access steps complete;
  • over 2,400 precast revetment;
  • wave walls, rear walls and 2,485 intermediate wall units installed;
  • 1,761 meters of steel sheet piling installed;
  • 26,200m³ of in-situ concrete and grout placed;
  • 5 part groyne markers installed.

Also started recently is the landscaping on the landward side of the seawall.

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