Bathtub Reef Beach Renourishment Project Almost Finished

The construction project to rebuild the Bathtub Beach/Sailfish Point beach area is entering its final phase, with construction expected to continue through mid-May, Martin County said in its latest project update. 

The 86,000 cubic yards of sand, needed for the project, is being borrowed from the Sailfish Point Navigational Channel.

Martin County has contracted with Ferreira Construction for this beach fill scheme.

“We need to dredge built-up sand out of Sailfish Point’s navigational channel, or eventually boats won’t be able to get through. Fortunately, that gives us the sand we need to repair the damage to Bathtub Reef Beach from Hurricane Matthew and the storms from the fall of 2016,” said Jessica Garland, Project Specialist with Martin County’s Engineering Department.

Funding for this project will come from multiple sources, including, a grant from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection that was included in this year’s state legislative budget and a 50 percent cost share with the Sailfish Point Property Owners Association.

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