Rohr-Idreco Dredger for North American Sand and Gravel Market

Rohr-Idreco recently completed installation of a RISD350-M 14” (350mm) electric dredge for application in the North American sand and gravel market.

The customer needed a new and efficient deep-digging electric dredger and they decided to move forward with the machine which has a digging depth of 90 ft. (28 m) with production capacity in excess of 400 tph, Rohr-Idreco said in its announcement.

The dredger is equipped with a GPS and sonar system that provides the operator virtually real time information on where material has been dredged and where virgin material still lies through an intricate mapping system.

In addition, the customer requested from Rohr-Idreco to install a remote plant monitoring screen for plant personnel to view key operating data from the dredger.

The dredger is also equipped with a RISD350 14″ (350 mm) high efficiency Rohr-Idreco dredge pump.

The Rohr-Idreco team worked closely with the customer to ensure the dredge would meet the pumping distance and production requirements of the current and future production, the company said in its release.