VIDEO: Keeping the Richards Bay Navigable

Image source: CAT

Caterpillar Marine has just released the latest episode of their “Stories From The Sea” in which they highlight importance of the trailing suction hopper dredger Isandlwana’s work in the Richards Bay waters. 

Richards Bay is Africa’s second largest port industrial port. Keeping business flowing at full capacity is vital to the fast-growing economy in southern Africa as well as to the economy all around the world.

Without dredging, ship owners would have to reduce their volumes and the vessels wouldn’t be able to come into port, CAT said in the video.

Risky Business

Dredging is a risky as business as they have to go into dangerous places and precise maneuverability is crucial for the safety of the vessel and its crew. The entire crew knows the importance of teamwork and they pull together, regardless of gender.

Africa’s first female dredge master, Londiwe Ngcobo, works on Isandlwana, something that has made national news in South Africa.

“Proud of her role as dredge master, she hopes her success will inspire other women to follow in her footsteps to balance the gender gap in this industry,” CAT said in the video.

Integrity, ingenuity and teamwork is the fuel powering the crew of the Isandlwana, 24 h a day, two weeks a month and ten months a year.

Watch how the dredger Isandlwana dumps a load of dredge masses where a ship recently ran aground: