Puducherry Beach Restoration Project VIDEO

The coastlines of Puducherry and the neighboring Tamil Nadu have suffered from severe coastal erosion due to natural and anthropogenic activities.

Short term measures like seawalls and groin field were attempted by the Puducherry government but the erosion problem shifted further north, with increased intensity.

Detailed shoreline management plan was prepared using satellite data and process based measurements covering two predominant seasons (SW and NE Monsoons).

As part of this plan the Puducherry government has implemented a beach nourishment scheme along 500m coast line using 50,000m³ of dredged sand from harbor mouth. The nourishment resulted in gaining of beach to an extent of 60m near Puducherry Light House and Puducherry New Pier.

Based on the learning from experimental beach nourishment, process based measurements and numerical studies; proposal for the construction of two reefs along with beach nourishment has been made by the government.

The Northern Reef will be implemented by MoES and the Southern Reef along with the beach nourishment will be implemented by Puducherry Government. The project is likely to be completed within a period of six months depending on climatic conditions.