Positive Response to Seaton Beach Management Plan

The East Devon District Council has just announced that local people responded positively to the council’s Seaton Beach Management Plan (BMP) public consultation, which was held on Thursday 25 May at Seaton Town Council’s Marshlands Center.

The event was well attended with members of the public able to discuss the proposed BMP with East Devon’s BMP project team and the council’s consultants CH2M, who explained the BMP process and how the local community can help feed into it.

Information was given about the risk of flooding and erosion and people were invited to leave feedback and provide information, which will help shape the beach management plan.

Over the coming weeks, CH2M will undertake the baseline stage of the BMP, which is why any information about how the coastline has changed will be helpful in understanding the coastal processes at Seaton.

The BMP will map out how the beach should be managed over the next five years, in terms of the longer terms policies for flood and coastal erosion risk management from Axe Harbor to Seaton Hole.

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