Freeport of Monrovia Dredging Work Wrapped Up

The National Port Authority of Liberia (NPA) completed the Freeport of Monrovia dredging program on June 16, 2017, according to the local media.

As a result of this dredging work, the port depth has increased to 13.5 meters in most places and 14.5 meters in other areas, eliminating the need for draft restriction which has been lifted immediately.

This capital dredging scheme was undertaken by Nordsee, a subsidiary of Dredging Environment Marine International (DEME Group), the media reports said.

David F. Williams, Managing Director of National Port Authority, expressed its satisfaction with the completion of this dredging program because it follows the global trending where vessels are becoming bigger in order to accomplish economy of scale – discharging more cargoes for multiple consignees on a single trip.

In its announcement, the NPA Managing Director also thanked all partners including the MOJ, MFDP, PPCC, APM Terminals and the National Port Authority’s staff, especially the marine personnel, for the cooperation and assistance through this exercise.

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