IJmuiden Sea Lock Project Update

The Port of Amsterdam today released an update on the new sea lock project at IJmuiden, the Netherlands.

This month, OpenIJ will start with installing reinforcement steel for the floor of the outer lock head (number 1 in the picture). This is preparatory work for the pouring of concrete for the floor after which the structure can be sunk.

A road diversion will put in place by the end of July to dig out this cofferdam. The digging of trenches for the diaphragm walls and the construction works to the fendering system and the new temporary flood defense (number 2 in the picture) will continue as before.

This month, reinforcement steel will be placed for the concrete foundation of the floor of the outer lock head. This is where the lock gates will be installed later. The reinforcement must be installed before the concrete for the foundation of the lock gate recesses can be poured and the structure can be sunk.

According to the update, the soil in the cofferdam for the lock sill of the outer head will be removed up to a depth of 22 meters later this year. This is where the lock sill will be constructed on which the lock gate will run. But before the cofferdam can be dug out, the building contractor will first install a temporary bridge across the cofferdam.

The installation of the fendering system between the New Lock and the Middle Lock (number 3 in the picture) will continue as before. The fendering system has to guide ships towards the Middle Lock and also prevent ships colliding with the future flood defense between the New Lock and the Middle Lock.

To seaward of the south side of the North Lock (number 2 in the picture), preparations continue for the installation of sheet pile walls in the water for the new flood defense. The flood defense must be realised before the trenches for the construction of the lock chamber walls for the New Lock will be dug through the old flood defense.

The digging of trenches and the construction of diaphragm walls will continue. Today, 500 meters of the total length of 1,650 meters of diaphragm wall have been realized. The diaphragm walls are the basis for the lock chamber walls of the New Sea Lock.