Faasse Expands Its Dredging Fleet with New TSHD

Bert Visser photo

Faasse Groep, a Goes based dredging contractor, has just introduced their new trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) Scald.

The new vessel, converted into TSHD by Kooiman B.V. in Zwijndrecht, was delivered to her new owners earlier this month.

During this conversion, various preparations were undertaken towards future expansion, including a hopper capacity of 1.800m³, a totally new wheelhouse, innovative possibilities for dredging and unload activities.

“The conversion has been executed using stainless steel and a minimum of frames and corrosion sensitive parts on deck. The dredge pipe wire winches have been placed on the lower deck. The bottom doors have been provided with levers in stead of chains and cylinders,” Faasse said in its announcement.

“All these adjustments lead to a safe and user friendly vessel. The complete equipped wheelhouse creates a perfect activity overview. A single person can operate the navigation, including the complete dredging and sand winning process.”

TSHD Scald (seagoing freighter Futura Carrier before conversion) will be deployed in 2017 and 2018 to support dredging operations for the Belgian market.

Bert Visser photo