DSC Dredgers Delivers Three CSDs to Bangladesh

Image source: DSC

DSC Dredge, a Louisiana based company specialized in production of portable dredgers, recently shipped one of three new 18-inch Shark Class portable cutter suction dredgers to contractors in Bangladesh.

The contractors will use the new dredgers to restore navigability to Bangladesh’s critical waterways.

Bangladesh is home to 24,000 km (14,913 miles) of rivers, streams and canals, which are prone to silting in during the monsoon season.

Following a 2009 study, the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) has been calling on private contractors to help meet the demand for river dredging in Bangladesh to keep its waterways clear for transport – spurring an increased need for dredges.

The second dredger is set to arrive in Bangladesh during this month and the third one will be delivered in February 2018, DSC said.