Port of Redwood City Works Underway

Manson Construction Co. is rehabilitating the fender system for the Port of Redwood City Wharves 3 and 4, announced the port on its website today.

According to the port, the works are planned for August 2017 through March 2018.

Derrick barge operations will utilize anchors and/or spuds to support pile driving and demolition along the face of Wharves 3 and 4,” the port said.

The port also added that although some of the work on the Wharves 3 & 4 fenders will be done from the wharf, pile driving and other work will take place on the water. The Manson crane barge and other small boats will stay close to the wharf, generally within 100-150 feet, and will not stick very far out into the channel.

However, with the Manson barges and boats moving around the channel for the wharves project and a separate maintenance dredging project, plus the normal ship and tugboat traffic, there will be more traffic out on the water than usual for the next several months.