Boskalis Bags Cadiz Port Dredging Deal

The Cadiz Bay Port Authority (La Autoridad Portuaria de la Bahía de Cádiz) has awarded Boskalis a $1.43 million maintenance dredging contract for the areas of Cabezuela-Puerto Real and Zona Franca.

According to the port authority, the main aim of the project is to recover the draft of 13 meters in La Cabezuela and 9.5 meters in the Zona Franca.

In the case of the Puerto Real, the dredging will be performed in the areas near the West and South piers, while the Zona Franca works will take place in the berths and near the docks of Poniente and Ribera,” the port said.

The last dredging in Zona Franca dates back to 2008 on the Ribera dock, and the last intervention in the case of La Cabezuela goes back to 2013.

Since then, shoaling have been reported in some areas, which will with this operation be dredged to ensure the draft in all affected spaces and safe operations of these docks,” added the port.

The Dutch contractor will have three months to execute the work.


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