Dredge Yard Bags ECO200 Dredger Order

Dredge Yard recently signed a contract to design, manufacture and deliver an ECO200 Dredger with auger head.

The auger dredger will have a dredging depth of 6m and will come with a 1500m discharge pipeline.

According to the company, the ECO200 Auger will be delivered to a mining corporation in West-Africa.

There the ECO200 will be used for mining activities in a shallow river where the removed sand & gravel is then processed to capture gold and diamonds.

The economic auger head is designed to excavate with minimum spillage and provide the best suction performance. For this project, Dredge Yard is going to install small extended knifes on the auger.

The objective of these knifes is to loosen the compacted river sands to be transported by the screw motion of the auger to the suction mouth. Sufficient pumping power is provided to transport the dredged material over a discharge length of more than 1500m.

The ECO200 Dredger will be built out of two main pontoons. This will provide sufficient floating capacity, but maintaining a shallow draft of around 0.8m.