Romsey Flood Alleviation Scheme

The Environment Agency is working in partnership with Hampshire County Council, Test Valley Borough Council, local flood action groups and other partners to develop a permanent flood scheme for Romsey.

According to the EA, the main flood risk in Romsey is from the River Test. As a chalk river, the Test is influenced by high groundwater levels in the underlying chalk during prolonged heavy rainfall.

The proposed scheme includes fluvial and surface water elements which work in conjunction with each other to reduce the risk to 87 properties.

Fluvial elements include:

  • A flow-control structure at the opening of the Fishlake Stream on the River Test (north of the town). This will help to manage river flows directly through the town during future flood events;
  • A sluice gate over the existing culvert outlet immediately north of Timsbury Bridge on the River Test;
  • A series of earth embankments within the floodplain to manage overland flows;
  • Additional culverts to improve drainage from the floodplain through and around The Causeway;
  • Individual property flood resilience.

Surface water elements:

  • Additional drainage and kerb raising in the Mainstone area to improve the highway drainage, and to prevent flows to properties set at a lower level to the existing highway;
  • An overland flow route directing water away from a low point on the existing A27 highway by Mainstone;
  • An overflow pipe under the existing A27, where the stream is currently culverted under the existing highway.

The Environment Agency and project partners will be holding a public information event between the 11 October to 14 October 2017 in Crosfield Hall, Romsey.

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