SAGE Webinar on Coastal Resilience

SAGE (Systems Approach to Geomorphic Engineering) will organize on October 19th a webinar on Sustainable Adaptive Gradients in the Coastal Environment: Reconceptualizing the Role of Infrastructure in Resilience.

The webinar will be presented by Melissa A. Kenney, Associate Research Professor in Environmental Decision Support Science, University of Maryland, Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center.

The Adaptation Gradients framework incorporates perspectives from multiple disciplines and multiple social values. It was developed using case studies in the Northeast U.S. and Caribbean regions and is presented to enable holistic consideration of innovative and transformative interventions.

The webinar seeks to increase awareness about SAGE and its resources dedicated to educating practitioners, decision-makers, and communities. Anyone interested in learning about new hybrid coastal engineering and exploring softer approaches to coastal protection will appreciate this webinar.