First Bids for Mouse River Flood Scheme Lower Than Expected

A bid opening yesterday on the first phase of the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Plan showed an apparent low bid of $46 million, approximately $13 million below the engineer’s estimate.

The City of Minot reported that the apparent low bid was submitted by Wagner Construction, which was the prime contractor on a recently completed project of approximately $25 million that included flood walls and levees to protect the Minot Water Treatment Plant.

The results are unofficial at this time, as the Souris River Joint Board, City of Minot, and the engineering firm of Houston Engineering need to review the bids to ensure accuracy and look for any irregularities.

We’re pleased that the bids for this project were lower than we had estimated,” said Dan Jonasson, Public Works Director for the City of Minot. “We look forward to getting the contractor approved and getting started on this project, which is a vital part of the city’s overall flood protection plan.”

The Phase 1 – Fourth Avenue Floodwall Project includes levees, floodwalls, a major pump station, and a pedestrian opening to the river. It spans from just west of Broadway to the east side of Third Street Northeast, on the north side of the river – covering approximately six blocks of flood protection.

The design engineers expect the project to take between 2.5 and 3 years to construct.