North Myrtle Beach Renourishment Wraps Up

Image source: City of North Myrtle Beach

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ $10.6 million emergency beach renourishment project for North Myrtle Beach ended October 30.

About 400,000 cubic yards were placed on the the beach in areas where USACE determined the protective berm needed to be enhanced in order to protect exposed oceanfront structures from storm surge, the city said in their latest release.

During the renourishment program, conducted by Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company, sand dredged offshore was pumped onshore, then spread out to the desired profile with bulldozers.

When the new sand dries it becomes compacted, making it difficult for turtles to come ashore, dig their nests and lay their eggs. To make sure the sand is loose enough for the turtles to dig successfully, the compacted sand is now being tilled, the city said in its announcement.

Designed and paid for by USACE, the sole purpose of the project is protect structures from storm surge and/or high tide. USACE designed the emergency project according to its guidelines and regulations.

Image source: City of North Myrtle Beach