Lower Don Valley Flood Defenses Complete

A £20 million project delivering flood defenses to better protect hundreds of businesses in Sheffield’s Lower Don Valley will be unveiled on Thursday (25 January), reports the City Council.

The events of the 2007 and 2012 floods, which caused millions of pounds of damage to property, led to the development of the project.

The area was one of the worst hit by the 2007 floods and for the last seven years Sheffield City Council has been leading on the Lower Don Valley (LDV) flood defense project to develop affordable defenses.

According to the Council, it is the first scheme of its kind in the UK to have business owners contributing to the costs of the flood protection through the creation of a formal Business Improvement District. Local businesses are contributing a total of £1.4 million, with more than 90 per cent of the total capital cost of £20.7 million funded by the Environment Agency and Defra.

Construction work has involved the installation of more than 60 new flood protection measures to the River Don, between the Wicker and the M1 at Meadowhall, and has significantly reduced the risk of flooding.

Councillor Julie Dore, the leader of Sheffield City Council said: “We have seen an innovative and pioneering approach to allow us to invest in these important flood defenses and I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the Business Improvement District, who have made this possible through working together.”

Councillor Bryan Lodge, Cabinet Member for Environment added: “As well as building flood defenses such as new walls and flood gates, that will see us through any future problems, we have put in place a maintenance program to ensure the river is kept clear of debris which can build up and worsen flooding, as happened in the past.”

The LDV scheme has been shortlisted for an award as the best project over £5 million in the Institute of Civil Engineers Yorkshire and Humber Awards 2018.