New Boosters from Dragflow

Dragflow SRL, an Italian manufacturer of dredging equipment, has just introduced the new range of its booster station.

Boosters, designed and built with Dragflow pumps, are projected to add extra pressure to the pumping system, in order to maintain optimum production at longer pipeline distances.

Thanks to an accurate research and development work, Dragflow is now able to offer a new range of boosters consisting of three different sizes with the following characteristics:

  • Small – 500m³/h at 1000m discharge 10″ – DB500;
  • Medium – 1000m³/h at 1500m discharge 14″ – DB1000;
  • Big – 2500m³/h at 2000m discharge 22″ – DB2500.

The largest booster has already been successfully used in the dredging of a river, allowing the material dredged from a riverbed to be transported at a great distance, said Dragflow.