County OKs Location for Lake Zumbro Dredged Material

Olmsted County has approved a site to put sediment dredged from Lake Zumbro, KTTC reports. 

The dredged material will be placed onto an 80-acre piece of land and 1.5 miles away from the dredging area.

According to Project Manager, John Helmers, the site is close enough to the project and it is suitable, so that after the dredging is done, the land can still be farmed.

“The sediments are usually coming from farm runoff but also roads and streets and things like that. And they can have various materials in them that would be harmful,” said Helmers. “We have tested these materials that we’re going to be removing and it is classified as the lowest level  of dredge spoil so it can be farmed afterward.”

According to KTTC, the project of dredging and restoring Lake Zumbro costs $7 million.

Helmers also added that the dredging work is set to happen either in the Spring or Summer of 2019, and will last 3 or 4 month.

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