Aruba: Oranjestad Dredging Works Kick Off

Baggerbedrijf de Boer – Dutch Dredging, a Sliedrecht based dredging company, recently started the deepening of the Oranjestad cruise-channel on Aruba, commissioned by Aruba Port Authority.

The dredging program includes removal of approximately 200,000m³ from the waterway.

Dredged material will be used in a land reclamation for the purpose of the expansion of the industrial-area Barcadera, the company said in its announcement.

The cruise-channel needs to be deepened to a water depth of 12,00m due to the planned arrival of the Quantum-class cruise vessel later this summer.

The deepening will be executed with their trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) Elbe.

Sustainable solution for Barcadera 

Aruba Port Authority has found a sustainable solution by re-using the dredged material for a land reclamation project at Barcadera Port.

This industrial port is in need of expansion on a longer-term. The land reclamation contains an expansion of 50.000 square meter.

After executing the land reclamation of sand, the embankment will be protected with geotextile and stones.

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Photo: Image source: Baggerbedrijf De Boer -Dutch Dredging