IJmuiden Sea Lock Project Takes Shape

The most visible construction work at the new IJmuiden sea lock this month will be at the lock gate chambers of the outer head and the inner head, according to the Port of Amsterdam.

In its latest update on the project, the port said that for ships, the most noticeable thing in April will be the closure of the IJmuiden Middle Lock, which will not be available for a period of 26 days.

The Middle Lock will be closed for shipping from 9 April 2018, 06.00 LT to 4 May 2018, 06.00 LT. As reported, the closure of the lock is necessary because works must be carried out just east of the lock.

“In the future, once the new sea lock has been taken into operation, ships bound for the Middle Lock will have to use a different approach route. The present fender system, therefore, must be replaced by a new fender system designed for the new approach route. Construction activities for the new fender system will take place in the waterway,” reported the port.

The port also added that the construction of the lock gate chambers involves the placement of reinforcement steel prior to pouring concrete. “The surface area of the outer head, designed for only one lock gate, is less than that of the inner head, which is designed for two lock gates. The outer lock head, therefore, has fewer concrete walls and that is why this lock gate chamber grows faster in height.”

During the closure of the IJmuiden Middle Lock, technical service provider SPIE/Van Doorn will carry out maintenance works. This way, closure of the lock due to maintenance work at a later date will not be necessary. During the closure, for instance, five of the ten lock gates of the Middle Lock will be replaced.


Photo: Image source: Rijkswaterstaat