Awanui Flood Scheme on the Way

The largest construction project ever undertaken by the Northland Regional Council – a $15 million flood scheme upgrade massively boosting flood protection in and around Kaitaia – is about to start within the next two years, reported the Council.

The new seven-year Awanui scheme project is one of the crucial projects at the heart of the council’s new Long Term Plan (LTP) 2018-2028, which is due to be formally adopted by councilors in Whangarei on 21 June and take effect from 01 July.

According to Te Hiku constituency representative Mike Finlayson, the scheme is designed to protect urban Kaitaia in a ‘once in a century’ type flood event and a 1:20 year event in surrounding rural areas and will be a ‘game changer’ for the Far North town.

Finlayson also added that the Awanui flood work is just one of a raft of new initiatives tackling water, pests and flood infrastructure councilors have agreed to as part of the 10-year plan.

Project design and consent work – originally planned to begin in 2023 – would now happen this year, with actual construction due to begin late next year.

The Panguru work would involve building stopbanks and widening a stream channel to increase its capacity during floods.


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