Eddy Pump’s New Dredge Equipment

Eddy Pump Corporation has introduced their newest lines of pumps and dredge equipment incorporating Smart Pump technology into the company’s line of slurry and dredge pumps.

Image source: Eddy Pump

This technology includes the smart capability of monitoring all critical functions and variables in any pump or dredging application.

The sensors are used to virtually eliminate downtime caused by operator error or equipment malfunction through the use of visual and audible alarms and auto shutoff features.

According to the company, Eddy Smart Pump Technology will be optionally equipped with the ability to enable connections through Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G, and satellite.

The smart pump controller can be used as a simple pump controller or can be easily connected to larger systems such as a submersible dredge or surface dredge, enabling easy integration of all capabilities and sensors into more complex systems.

Combined with the Eddy Pump Excavator Pump Attachment, dredging in hard to reach wetlands or swamps can be accomplished much more efficiently.

Auger Dredges are also one of the newest dredging options offered by Eddy Pump, incorporating an archimedean type screw which is set at 90-degree angles to the suction pipe of a dredge.

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