Saxon Harbor Dredging Works Moving Along Nicely

The Saxon Harbor (WI) dredging program is coming along nicely, according to the latest update from the Iron County Forestry and Parks.

Dredging is progressing nicely with nearly the entire north basin completely dredged, the County announced yesterday.

The Saxon Harbor dredging program involves removing debris and sediment from Oronto Creek in order to restore the flow of the creek to its condition before the July 11, 2016 storm.

In addition to dredging, the project includes repairs to the retaining wall around the basin, constructing the new boat landing, rebuilding the east boat launches, replacing the wood bumpers along the east wall of the marina and work on the marina’s center peninsula.

As reported, the bin walls for the new boat launches will be delivered by week’s end and then assembled in the east parking area. The new bridge and roadway are also coming along nicely, beginning to look like a bridge.