Colombo: TSHD Xin Hai Feng Rescues Drowning Fishermen

Image source: Port City Colombo

The trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) Xin Hai Feng, owned by CHEC Dredging Co., Ltd., conducted a rescue mission in the Port City Colombo’s outer breakwater area last week.

Two fishermen, aged 64 and 57, had gone deep sea fishing in a rented boat on the 14th of July and had run into trouble when the engine failed and the boat struck a reef.

Image source: Port City Colombo

They had abandoned the damaged boat and begun to swim with the aid of an empty diesel keg, helplessly floating in the rough sea for over 3 hours.

The captain of the Xin Hai Feng, which was approaching the Port City Colombo reclamation area through its regular sailing path, had spotted the near to drowning fishermen and requested his crew to change course, bringing the dredger to a halt.

After that, he informed the Deputy Manager of the Shanghai Dredging Company (SDC), Wang Zhen Ning, and a CHEC’s Health, Safety and Environmental (HSC) Manager, who together made immediate arrangements to launch a rescue mission.

The Port City team took measures to provide first aid and medical attention to the fishermen who had been in a weakened state after going without food and water in the rough seas for over 48 hours.

Image source: Port City Colombo

Photo: Image source: Port City Colombo