CHEC Begins Dredging Work in Ukraine

China Harbor Engineering Company (CHEC) has started dredging project at Ukraine’s southern Black Sea port of Chornomorsk.

Under the contract signed earlier in April, the Chinese company will deepen the port’s approach channel, including a significant amount of dredging work in one of the port’s operational areas, boosting the overall handling capacity of the port.

According to the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA), this dredging project will deepen the approach channel from 14.5m to 16m and extend the approach channel from 1,400m to 1,600m.

The plan calls for the contractor to remove approximately 2 million cubic meters of dredged material from Chornomorsk Port, including 500,000 cubic meters in the approach channel and about 1.5 million cubic meters in the water area.

USPA also added that CHEC has mobilized a fleet of 15 dredging vessels to work on the project over the next couple of months.