Work Continues on the Design of Langstone Scheme

Havant Borough Council (HBC) and the Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership (ESCP) are continuing their work to develop outline designs for sea defenses at Langstone.

The scheme is aimed to reduce coastal flood and erosion risk to 86 properties over the next 100 years, as well as critical infrastructure including the A3023, the only road access to Hayling Island.

Earlier this year, the ESCP (on behalf of HBC) secured £376,000 of funding made up from Defra Flood & Coastal Risk Management Grant in Aid and HBC Community Infrastructure Levy to progress the outline design stage of the Langstone scheme.

According to the ESCP, the existing defenses consisting of a mixture of concrete walls, concrete block revetments and masonry quay walls are in a poor condition. Currently maintained by HBC and other private owners, the majority of present defenses have residual lives of less than 5 years (without any maintenance) and therefore, without a Langstone Scheme the existing community will continue to be at significant flood risk.

The ESCP also added that in the upcoming months the project team will be engaging with the local community and businesses to understand their aspirations for this scheme, followed by close engagement with key stakeholders throughout development of the scheme.

Questionnaires on the Langstone scheme are available here.