Spotlight on Coomera Dredge Sediment Management Facility

Synergy Resource Management yesterday released a very interesting video about the progress on the Coomera Dredge Sediment Management Facility and its earthworks, construction, dredging and sediment processing operations. 

For many years, the Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA), City of Gold Coast Council (CoGC), developers and managers of estates situated along Coomera River and nearby waterways and canals  have been searching for a cost effective and environmentally sound solution for handling the sediment that must be dredged to enable safe navigational access for boating.

Sediment removed from Gold Coast waterways is often used to replace sand eroded from the beaches and waterway foreshores.

“However, sediment from some waterways, including the Coomera River, is not sand and therefore is unsuitable for replenishment of riverbanks or beaches. This unsuitable material requires a land based solution to be appropriately managed,” said GCWA.

The Coomera Dredged Sediment Management Facility is a long-term solution to minimize potential environmental impacts by properly managing this type of dredged sediment.

Located at 91 Shipper Drive, the facility consists of a settling pond for separating the sediment from the water, clean water discharge pond and drying area. Potential uses for the material include commercial use as non-structural fill.