Ukraine and Belarus to Develop River Transport System

CJSC “Beltopenerho” and Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA) have reached an agreement to renew river navigation between Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus.

In its latest release, USPA announced that the two companies signed a cooperation agreement on Monday, December 17, to develop logistics and freight transportation between the two countries using river transport.

According to the Deputy head of USPA, Dmitry Romensky, USPA will consider the possibility of dredging works on navigable waterways of the Dnipro River while CJSC “Beltopenerho” will provide information on planned transshipment volumes.

Upon this, USPA will carry out an analysis of the financial and economic efficiency of carrying out the necessary work to achieve the guaranteed depths.

CJSC “Beltopenerho” also plans to provide Ukrainian partners with information on the terms of construction of a port in Lower Zharakh (Gomel region, Republic of Belarus).

The project implementation will contribute to improving navigation on the Dnipro and Pripyat rivers within the framework of the project on restoring the international waterway E-40, an aim of Intergovernmental Ukrainian-Belorussian Mixed Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation.