Phase 2 of Burton on Trent Flood Scheme on the Way

Environment Agency said in its latest announcement that they are about to start Phase 2 of the current round of Burton on Trent flood defense improvements.

Phase 1 was completed between 2005 and 2007.

“To ensure Burton continues to be protected to the best possible standard, we need to improve and update the existing defenses. There are currently 9km of flood defenses in Burton which consist of a mixture of walls, embankments and some areas of high ground,” said EA.

“The current works aims to improve the quality of approximately 3.7km of these defenses, allowing for a consistent level of protection from the River Trent along the town.

The Agency aims to start preparation work in early 2019 and construction work will begin in spring 2019.

Work should be completed by early 2021.