Winnetka Pond Dredging Program Underway

A major dredging project on Winnetka Pond, City of Crystal, MN, aimed to remove more than 18,000 cubic yards of sediment, is moving forward, CCX Media reports. 

Commenting the latest news, Crystal Public Works Director, Mark Ray, said that the removal will help control flood capacity as well as help improve the habitat of the pond and Bassett Creek.

A feasibility study was completed and approved in May 2017 and includes bathymetric surveys, wetland delineations, and sediment sampling including analyses for harmful contaminants in both Bassett Creek Park Pond and Winnetka Pond.

The Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission approved the engineer’s recommendation to dredge only Winnetka Pond (with intent to dredge Bassett Creek Park Pond in 2019) to a depth of 6 feet; to install a native vegetative buffer around most of the pond, and to control the goose population at the pond.

According to the commission, this project will have the following benefits:

  • Removal of 18,400 cubic yards of sediment from Winnetka Pond;
  • Increased permanent pool volume to maintain flood control benefits;
  • Increased sediment storage volume in pond resulting in reduced sediment and phosphorus loading to the North Branch of Bassett Creek and all downstream water bodies, including the Mississippi River including removal of an estimated 51.7 pounds of total phosphorus and 1,823 pounds of total suspended solids, annually (including modeled and professional judgement estimates);
  • Improved water quality from native vegetated buffer that will filter pollutants from storm water runoff;
  • Improved habitat for wildlife and pollinators with native buffer;
  • Improved water quality through nutrient and bacteria reductions from goose management.