Yadra Viti Wraps Up Vunibau River Flood Protection Works

Image source: Fijian Government

The Minister for Agriculture, Rural and Maritime Development, Waterways and Environment, Dr. Mahendra Reddy, officiated at the completion of works for the Vunibau River Mouth in Navua today, the Fijian Government announces. 

The Vunibau village boundary is situated just 47 meters from the river bank making the village highly vulnerable to floods which leads to river bank erosion.

The 408 meter protection works was carried out by Yadra Viti Investments LTD costing a total of $561,292.

Under the riverbank protection program, they carried out site clearing and leveling, excavation and compacted soil backfill works, placing of boulders etc.

The river bank development will now allow for protection against erosion, vegetation on the newly stabilized river banks and reduction of unwanted deposition in other areas.

Photo: Image source: Fijian Government

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