City of Gold Coast Prepared for Large Swells

The City of Gold Coast is well prepared for large swells expected to impact the town’s beaches later this week.

The sand dredging and pumping we have done over the past two years has added millions of cubic meters of sand to our beaches,’’ said Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate. “The dredge alone placed three millions cubic meters along the beaches.”

I am confident we are in good shape ready for the large swells. We have a stockpile of sand at The Spit which we can access if needed. This has been placed there over the years specific to helping with significant scarping but I am confident we won’t need to access that reserve,’’ added Mayor Tate.

He continued by saying that the two major beach/seawall restoration works underway – at Narrowneck and Surfers Paradise – were also under control.

We will place some sand at the ocean side of these to keep the swells away. The construction sites are being prepared now to combat any swell. There is no concern regarding the integrity of the seawall,” said Mayor Tom Tate.